mosquito surveys carried out on green island, orchid island, and penghu island, taiwan, in 2003.field surveys of mosquitoes were carried out on green, orchid, and penghu islands in 2003 to ascertain the status of mosquito vectors. eighteen species of mosquitoes were collected, including three species of anopheles, four species of aedes, eight species of culex, two species of armigeres, and one species of malaya. seventeen previously recorded species were not collected in this study but 11 species collected had not previously been recorded. ten newly recorded species, an. maculatus, an. tak ...200515825689
identifying the main mosquito species in the taiwan strait using dna barcoding.mosquitoes can transmit many types of viruses such west nile virus and zika virus and are responsible for virus-causing diseases including malaria, dengue fever, yellow fever, lymphatic filariasis, and japanese b encephalitis. on january 19, 2016, the first case of zika virus infection was identified in taiwan, which presents the need for studying the mosquito species in the taiwan strait and evaluating the risk of the outbreak of this infection. in this study, we collected a total of 144 specim ...201728215143
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