changing clinico-laboratory profile of encephalitis patients in the eastern uttar pradesh region of india.a cross-sectional study was done on 100 consecutive paediatric patients presenting with acute encephalitis syndrome. the clinico-laboratory features of all patients were recorded in a prestructured performa. cerebrospinal fluid and serum samples were tested for: japanese encephalitis (je) virus; chandipura virus; coxsackie virus; dengue virus; enterovirus 76; and west nile virus. twenty-two (22.0%) patients were confirmed je cases and 17% had parasitic or bacteriological aetiology. the remaining ...201222431829
serosurveillance for japanese encephalitis virus infection among equines in india.the seroprevalence of japanese encephalitis virus (jev) among equines was evaluated from january 2006 to december 2009 in 13 different states of india by hemagglutination inhibition (hi) test and virus neutralization test (vnt). antibodies against jev were detected in 327 out of 3,286 (10%) equines with a maximum prevalence reported in the state of manipur (91.7%) followed by gujarat (18.5%), madhya pradesh (14.4%), and uttar pradesh (11.6%). evidence of jev infection was observed in equines in ...201122122900
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