ongoing activity of toscana virus genotype a and west nile virus lineage 1 strains in turkey: a clinical and field survey.toscana virus (tosv), west nile virus (wnv) and tickborne encephalitis virus (tbev) are among major viral pathogens causing febrile disease and meningitis/encephalitis. the impact of these viruses was investigated at a referral centre in ankara province, central anatolia in 2012, where previous reports suggested virus circulation but with scarce information on clinical cases and vector activity. serum and/or cerebrospinal fluid samples from 94 individuals were evaluated, in addition to field-col ...201425285941
[confirmation of west nile virus seroreactivity in central nervous system infections of unknown etiology from ankara province, central anatolia, turkey.]west nile virus (wnv) infections may trigger febrile conditions and/or neuroinvasive disease in a portion of the exposed individuals. serosurveillance data from various regions of turkey indicate wnv activity. the aim of this study was to confirm the antibody specificity of the serum samples via virus neutralization assay, previously reported to be reactive for wnv igm. the samples originated from two individuals with the preliminary diagnosis of aseptic meningitis/encephalitis of unknown etiolo ...201121644083
west nile virus seroprevalence in blood donors from central anatolia, turkey.west nile virus (wnv) is a reemerging flavivirus that has displayed a drastic change in epidemiology in the last decade. data on wnv activity in turkey are currently limited. this study investigated wnv exposure in blood donors from central anatolia, turkey.201020021274
multicentre evaluation of central nervous system infections due to flavi and phleboviruses in turkey.flavi- and phleboviruses associated with central nervous system (cns) infections including west nile virus (wnv), tick-borne encephalitis virus (tbev) and toscana virus (tosv) cause significant morbidity and mortality in humans. in this study, the impact of these agents have been investigated in cns infections at referral hospitals in two provinces in turkey, where circulation of these viruses have previously been recognized.201222705706
[a case of central nervous system infection due to west nile virus lineage-1 in ankara province, turkey].west nile virus (wnv) is a mosquito-borne flavivirus (family flaviviridae), maintained in an enzootic cycle between birds as amplifying hosts and mosquito vectors. while wnv exposure in humans frequently remain subclinical, a febrile illness called west nile fever occurs in about 20% and neuroinvasive disease in less than 1% of the affected individuals. for the last two decades, wnv has caused outbreaks of severe neuroinvasive disease in humans and horses in europe, the mediterranean basin and e ...201323390915
[investigation of west nile virus rna in blood donors by real-time rt-pcr].west nile virus (wnv), a member of flaviviridae family, is an enveloped, icosahedral symmetric rna virus. primary reservoir hosts of wnv are birds, but the virus can cause various infections in humans and other mammals. the most common and natural transmission way of wnv infections is mosquito bites, however, humans can be infected by different routes. the most important non-mosquito transmission route is contaminated blood and blood products. in this study, we aimed to investigate the risk of w ...201222951658
[investigation of west nile virus in central nervous system infections of unknown etiology in ankara, turkey].arthropod-borne viral infections have recently gained considerable attention and importance as re-emerging infections in a global scale. west nile virus (wnv), a member of flaviviridae, is an enveloped positive strand rna virus that is usually transmitted to humans by the bite of culicine mosquitoes. although the majority of the human infections are asymptomatic, wnv may also cause febrile and neuro-invasive diseases. seroprevalence data from turkey indicate that wnv activity is present in centr ...201020549960
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