multidrug resistant neonatal sepsis in peshawar, investigate the spectrum of organisms causing neonatal sepsis in peshawar, pakistan and to assess their sensitivity to various groups of drugs.200212091293
organisms causing urinary tract infection in pediatric patients at ayub teaching hospital abbottabad.urinary tract infection (uti) is common in pediatric practice and an important cause of morbidity and mortality in children. infected urine stimulates an immunological and inflammatory response leading to renal injury and scarring, ultimately leading to end stage renal failure. the present study identifies the micro organisms causing urinary tract infection in children presenting with uti at ayub teaching hospital, abbottabad.200515929535
prevalence and beta-lactamase producing bacterial isolates in a teaching hospital in peshawar, pakistan: a four year study.prevalence of microorganisms was studies in clinical samples of various body fluids (n=12,259), collected from patients at post graduate medical institute hayatabad medical complex (pgmi, hmc) peshawar. only 34.90% of samples exhibited growth, 36.25% of these isolates were gram positive and 63.75% were gram negative bacteria. e. coli was the most prevalent organism (39.45%) followed by s. aureus (32.23%), proteus spp. (9.23%), pseudomonas spp. (6.54%), streptococuss spp. (3.51%), acinetobacter s ...200818930859
frequency of renal stone disease in patients with urinary tract determine incidence of renal stone disease in patients with urinary tract infection, this cross sectional study was conducted at surgical unit of district head quarters hospital, charsadda over a period of one year from january to december 2005.200819024188
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