susceptibility of turkeys to georgia strain of marek's disease virus of chicken origin.two experiments were conducted to study the susceptibility of turkeys to georgia strain of marek's disease virus (mdv). one-day-old chickens and turkeys were experimentally inoculated with marek's disease (md) infective plasma (experiment 1) or tumor homogenate (experiment 2) and raised in isolation for 29 weeks. the mdv inoculums were pathogenic for chickens and turkeys and caused high mortality (chickens, 100% and turkeys, 70%). macroscopic lesions of md were observed in liver, spleen, lungs, ...1977931149
infectious anemia caused by a parvovirus-like virus in georgia broilers.pale chicks with necrotic dermatitis, small bursas of fabricius (bfs), small thymuses, pale bone marrow, and watery blood were suspected of having parvovirus-like virus- (pvlv) associated disease. histologic lesions included atrophy or hypoplasia of thymuses and bfs, and septic necrotizing clostridial dermatitis and hepatitis. clostridium perfringens was cultured from skin and liver. a pvlv was isolated in a marek's disease tumor cell line (mdcc-msb1) culture and was identified by physicochemica ...19892549935
diagnostic summary of 1986 turkey, broiler breeder, and layer necropsy cases at the university of georgia.turkey, broiler breeder, and layer cases submitted for necropsy in 1986 to the university of georgia were categorized by diagnosis, grouped by clinical features, season, age, and presenting history, and evaluated for statistically significant patterns. the most commonly diagnosed diseases were: fowl cholera in turkeys, 64 cases (34.4% of cases; 26.2% of diagnoses); staphylococcal arthritis/synovitis (sa/s) in broiler breeders, 35 cases (20.7%; 17.7%); and osteomalacia in layers, 17 cases (21.0%; ...19883143349
neonatal multifocal encephalomalacia and other lesions in the brains of georgia chicks: 1991-95.outbreaks of neonatal multifocal encephalomalacia with sepsis have been reported among flocks of very young chicks in belgium, scotland, and the united states. the purposes of the present study were to describe intralesional bacterial cocci in chicks with this type of encephalomalacia and to determine its incidence during 1991-95, and to determine the importance of this lesion with respect to the frequency of all other brain lesions/ diseases during the same time period. all laboratory records o ...19968980822
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