school-associated pertussis outbreak--yavapai county, arizona, september 2002-february 2003.on september 21, 2002, a pertussis case (confirmed by isolation of bordetella pertussis) was reported to the yavapai county health department (ychd). the patient was a child aged 13 years in the 8th grade at a middle school in yavapai county; the child had attended school during the illness. a case consistent with the clinical definition of pertussis had been reported in another student in the same classroom 2 weeks earlier. on september 22, a second culture-confirmed case was reported from the ...200415029116
from the centers for disease control and prevention. erythromycin-resistant bordetella pertussis--yuma county, arizona, may-october 1994. 19957996637
erythromycin-resistant bordetella pertussis--yuma county, arizona, may-october 1993, a total of 6586 cases of pertussis was reported in the united states, including 70 in arizona. on june 27, 1994, a case of bordetella pertussis disease caused by a strain resistant to erythromycin was reported to the arizona department of health services (adhs) from yuma county (1990 population: 106,895). susceptibility testing at cdc confirmed that the isolate was highly resistant to erythromycin with a minimum inhibitory concentration (mic) > 64 micrograms/ml. the mic of erythromycin ...19947968996
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