outbreaks of respiratory illness mistakenly attributed to pertussis--new hampshire, massachusetts, and tennessee, 2004-2006.pertussis, or whooping cough, is a highly infectious, nationally notifiable respiratory disease associated with prolonged cough illness and paroxysms of coughing, inspiratory "whoop," or posttussive vomiting. reported pertussis cases have tripled in the united states since 2001, with 25,616 probable or confirmed cases reported in 2005. this increase has been attributed to increased circulation of bordetella pertussis, waning vaccine-induced immunity among adults and adolescents, heightened aware ...200717717512
the seroepidemiology of bordetella pertussis infections: a study of persons ages 1-65 years.although the incidence of bordetella pertussis infections had decreased significantly since the introduction of widespread vaccination, an increase in the number of cases has occurred recently. in an attempt to define the seroepidemiology of pertussis in nashville, antibody levels to pertussis toxin (pt) and filamentous hemagglutinin (fha) were measured by elisa in 585 serum samples from healthy 1- to 65-year-old subjects. data were analyzed by smooth curve fitting and by comparison of trends in ...19968627081
pertussis seroprevalence in emergency department staff.the purpose of this study was to look at the prevalence of pertussis immunity in emergency department employees.19948080138
prevalence of positive serology for acute chlamydia pneumoniae infection in emergency department patients with persistent determine the prevalence of acute chlamydia pneumoniae infection in ed patients presenting with a persistent cough.19979063543
erythromycin prophylaxis for pertussis.a neonate admitted to the newborn nursery was found to have bacteriologically proven bordetella pertussis whooping cough, and two of seven infants exposed to this child became infected. erythromycin administration to the seven infants apparently prevented further infection as well as the appearance of clinical disease in the two infected infants. this limited experience supports previous reports of the efficacy of erythromycin in preventing b. pertussis infection and disease in susceptible child ...1977850603
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