[preliminary considerations in a semiquantitative microbiological study in catheter-related infection].in the interval september 1993-april 1994, 38 catheters from children admitted to the children's hospital of ia┼či were examined microscopically and by semiquantitative culture, in the children with sepsis and/or positive catheters hemocultures being performed concurrently. twenty eight of these catheters proved to be sterile, the other 10 being positive to coagulase-negative staphylococci, gram-negative bacilli from klebsiella-enterobacter group, candida species, the number of colonies/plate var ...19947772895
clinical epidemiological study on the incidence of escherichia coli infections in the cancer patients admitted to surgery department ii of the iasi regional oncology institute in 2013.the aim of study was to identify pathogens involved in hospital-acquired or community-acquired infections in patients suffering from various types of cancers.201425341303
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