[treatment of 700 cases of bilharziasis with the new drugs oxamniquine, oltipraz, praziquantel].the authors study the results of a treatment of 700 cases of bilharziasis seen in paris and in two foci in togo, by oxamniquine, oltipraz or praziquantel. the three drugs are well tolerated; only a few mild side-effects were reported such as discomfort, nausea, headaches (two cases of acrodynia with oltipraz ). the three drugs are very efficacious in the case of schistosomiasis mansoni (85,5% success rate with oxamniquine, 92,9% with praziquantel, from 76,5 to 92% with oltipraz depending on the ...19836673843
[schistosoma haematobium among immigrants consulting in municipal free clinics in paris in 2003].the "consultations de diagnostic et d'orientation" (cdo) are free medical consultations for precarious populations, proposed by the health department of paris. more than two-thirds of the cdo patients come from sub-saharan africa. schistosoma haematobium (sh) is one of the most frequent infectious diseases detected within cdo. more than a thousand people have consulted for the first time in cdo in 2003 in one of the municipal free clinics which proposes this service. parasitologic test of urine ...200616821442
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