circulating soluble antigens and antibody in schistosomiasis.some patients with schistosoma mansoni and s. haematobium infections were shown to have soluble schistosomal antigen in their plasma. antibody to this antigen and to other antigens of adult worms were also present. these findings may be relevant to schistosomal-related immune-complex disease, especially the nephrotic syndrome.1975123165
urinary schistosomiasis: its altering geographical pathology. 19807443628
schistosomiasis in leicester.twenty-two cases of schistosomiasis were diagnosed in the infectious diseases unit in leicester during a 5-year period. there were 11 cases of schistosoma haematobium infection and three of s. mansoni infection. the schistosoma type in the remaining eight cases was uncertain. fourteen asymptomatic family members of patients with proven schistosomiasis were screened and 6 (43%) had evidence of schistosomal infection. seventeen (77%) of the patients were thought to have been infected in malawi and ...19938473763
schistosomiasis in travellers returning from sub-saharan africa. 19968704539
does schistosoma haematobium co-infection reduce the risk of malaria-induced splenomegaly? 200011132384
schistosomiasis presenting in travellers: a 15 year observational study at the hospital for tropical diseases, london.schistosomiasis in returning travellers is one of the most common imported tropical infections with potentially serious complications, which are preventable if diagnosed early.201525575554
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