recent observations on schistosomiasis in mauritius.purpose of this study, carried out between 1967 and 1975, was to bring the existing knowledge on schistosomiasis in mauritius up-to-date. the paper describes the distribution, the behaviour and the infection rates of bulinus cernicus, the local intermediate snail host, and its role in human infection.1979316595
[specifics of the epidemiology of urinary schistosomiasis in mauritius].early observations on this disease were made in mauritius by chapotin (1812) before the discovery of schistosoma haematobium. bulinus cernicus, the snail intermediate host, one of the nine species within the b. forskali group, is restricted to the island and the disease is not occurring in the neighbouring islands of la reunion and rodrigues. under laboratory conditions, the snail susceptibility to the mauritian strain of s. haematobium has been demonstrated. but the infection rate of the snail ...19921446177
measurement of schistosomiasis-related morbidity at community level in areas of different endemicity.among the indicators of schistosomiasis morbidity currently used in control programmes, ultrasound has been found to be a safe, non-invasive and efficient technique for detecting schistosomiasis-related lesions and for assessing the effect of treatment on their resolution. three case-studies from east africa, in areas of different endemicity for schistosoma haematobium, using ultrasound are described and their results related to indirect measurements of the disease (e.g., haematuria, egg counts) ...19902127383
false epidemiological results from the bulk transport of dried filter papers in urinary field studies in schistosoma haematobium endemic areas, dried filters must be transported in bulk to central laboratories, either for primary screening and counting, or for quality control of field workers. we examined filters before and after bulk transport, from three populations, of high, medium and low prevalence rate. a total of 312 filters were examined before and after transport; 28.6% of all eggs on filters were lost during transport. negative filters became positive during transport, ...19863097800
urinary schistosomiasis acquired in mali, west africa. i. case report of schistosoma haematobium infection in a sri lankan with a note on the parasitic life cycle and the risk of local transmission. 19863109751
studies on schistosoma haematobium in the laboratory. 3. strains from iran, mauritius and ghana. 19725048058
infra-specific variations of schistosoma haematobium. 19715145262
[bilinus obtusispira (e. a. smith, 1886), intermediate host of schistosoma haematobium bilharziasis in northwestern madagascar]. 19666014285
[treatment of bilharziasis in madagascar. use of oltipraz in mass campaign against s. mansoni and s. haematobium]. 19827170183
[experimental study of a malagasy strain of schistosoma haematobium: compatibility with different bulinus snails, potential intermediate hosts].experimental investigation on a malagasy strain of s. haematobium: compatibility with different bulinus snails, potential intermediate hosts. a comparative experimental study of the infectivity of different bulinus snails by a reference s. haematobium strain was made under laboratory conditions. the results support the role of bulinus obtusispira as an intermediate host in madagascar but some other bulinus species could exist and play a role in the fields far away from the experimental criteria ...19947778952
[former observations of urinary bilharziasis and wuchereriosis].on the occasion of a book near completion on the great clinician pierre rayer (1793-1867), a pioneer of infectious pathology, are presented here two of his works concerning parasitic tropical pathology. the first (1838) signed by rayer alone deals with an hematuria observed in patients from mauritius. he distinguished several forms of the disease and described 15 observations which he compared to egyptian hematuria of which the parasitic agent (bilharzia (= schistosoma) haematobium) will not be ...19947827524
progress in the control of schistosomiasis in mauritius.schistosomiasis in mauritius was mainly dealt with in hospitals and their annexed services until 1988 when a special control programme was started by the ministry of health with the technical help of the world health organization and the financial assistance of the theodor bilharz foundation (germany). as only schistosoma haematobium is present in mauritius, this consisted of screening for microhaematuria and/or eggs in urine, health education and mollusciciding. all the primary school populatio ...19947992322
schistosoma haematobium infection in western madagascar: morbidity determined by assess the morbidity related to schistosoma haematobium infection in western madagascar, an ultrasonographic examination was performed of 574 inhabitants > 5 years old in a village in an old-established endemic area where no prior systematic antischistosomal treatment had been given. the overall prevalence of infection was 75.9% and the geometric mean egg count of positive individuals was 36 eggs/10 ml of urine. recent haematuria had been experienced by 31.8% of individuals. echographic abnor ...19968882187
schistosoma haematobium induced lesions in the female genital tract in a village in madagascar.female genital schistosomiasis, fgs, was investigated in a gynaecological study as part of an overall community based morbidity survey, including parasitological and ultrasonographical examination, of a schistosoma haematobium endemic area in madagascar. women (103), of childbearing age (15-49 years), were included for a gynaecological examination and visible lesions of vagina and cervix were biopsied in order to determine the origin of the lesion. furthermore all women were screened for the pre ...19979177093
[prevalence of uro-nephrologic complications of urinary bilharziasis in hyperendemic focus in madagascar].this prospective study was designed to look for and describe urologic and nephrologic consequences of urinary bilharziosis due to schistosoma haematobium in a hyperendemic hotbed in the middle west of madagascar. methodology included clinical examination, kidney and bladder ultrasonography, urine dipsticks and creatininemia. amongst a population of 574 persons aged 5 years ore more, 436 (76%) had bilharziosis ova in the urine (filtration method). from the clinical point of view, 257 patients (58 ...19989836196
community-based study of genital schistosomiasis in men from madagascar.detection of schistosoma haematoblum eggs in 43% of semen samples with increased levels of eosinophil cationic protein suggests that the genital organs of men are frequently affected with schistosomiasis.200010675174
female genital schistosomiasis: facts and this paper we summarise the parasitological, clinical and epidemiological characteristics of female genital schistosomiasis (fgs), a frequent manifestation of the infection with schistosoma haematobium. means to diagnose and treat lesions in the lower and upper genital tract are discussed. based on clinical findings and available pathophysiological as well as immunological data it is conceivable that fgs of the cervix and vagina not only facilitates the infection with agents of sexually trans ...200111412803
bulinus species on madagascar: molecular evolution, genetic markers and compatibility with schistosoma haematobium.of the four species of bulinus found on madagascar, three species: b. obtusispira, b. liratus and b. bavayi are endemic while the fourth, b. forskalii, is probably a recent introduction from the african mainland. the evolutionary relationships of these species with bulinus species from africa were studied by phylogenetic analysis of dna sequence variation at two mitochondrial loci: cytochrome oxidase subunit i (coi) and large ribosomal subunit (lsu) or 16s. the observed levels of nucleotide dive ...200111769288
[identification of communities endemic for urinary bilharziosis by the "lot quality assurance sampling" method in madagascar].reduction of morbidity is the main component in the national schistosomiasis control program in madagascar. the lot quality assurance sampling (lqas) method has previously been shown as a useful tool in assessment of immunization coverage. a study was carried in the western part of madagascar aiming to evaluate the applicability of the method in measuring the level of schistosoma haematobium endemic level in different communities. parasitological examination of urine samples from 1,124 children ...200112471747
[validation of questionnaire methods to identify schistosoma haematobium bilharziasis hyperendemic zones in madagascar].schistosomiasis is a major public health problem in madagascar. the aim of the national control program is to reduce the morbidity in hyperendemic areas. a prospective study has been conducted in morombe and ampanihy to elaborate a simple method to identify shistosoma haematobium hyperendemic communities. the study included 1,373 children from 5 to 15 years old in 17 primary schools. moderate sensitivity and negative predictive value, with high specificity and positive predictive value of "blood ...200212643095
the origin and dispersion of human parasitic diseases in the old world (africa, europe and madagascar).the ancestors of present-day man (homo sapiens sapiens) appeared in east africa some three and a half million years ago (australopithecs), and then migrated to europe, asia, and later to the americas, thus beginning the differentiation process. the passage from nomadic to sedentary life took place in the middle east in around 8000 bc. wars, spontaneous migrations and forced migrations (slave trade) led to enormous mixtures of populations in europe and africa and favoured the spread of numerous p ...200312687757
ultrasonographical findings in the urogenital organs in women and men infected with schistosoma haematobium in northern madagascar.ultrasonography (us) was applied in this community-based study in northern madagascar to compare urogenital findings in schistosoma haematobium-positive individuals (105 women and 116 men) from the high-endemic sirama village, with urinary egg negative controls (100 women and 108 men) from the neighboring low-endemic mataipako village. in addition to examination of the urinary tract, the female genitals were examined by transvaginal us, whereas the male genitals were examined by transrectal and ...200818472119
coexistence of urogenital schistosomiasis and sexually transmitted infection in women and men living in an area where schistosoma haematobium is settings in which adequate laboratory service is lacking, the coexistence of urogenital schistosomiasis and sexually transmitted infections (stis) poses a diagnostic challenge for health care providers in the management of patients with urogenital complaints.200818680415
semen quality in schistosoma haematobium infected men in madagascar.the seminal vesicles and the prostate are frequently affected by egg-induced inflammation in schistosoma haematobium infected men. the objective of this study was to assess the semen quality in men with male genital schistosomiasis (mgs). the examination of the semen samples was performed in men aged 15 to 49 years living an s. haematobium endemic area in madagascar prior to anti-schistosoma treatment with praziquantel and five months later. men from the high endemic sirama sugarcane plantation ...200918950598
praziquantel efficacy and long-term appraisal of schistosomiasis control in pemba determine whether praziquantel (pzq) has retained its efficacy against schistosoma haematobium on pemba island after 20 years of mass administration--albeit discontinuous--and to analyse retrospectively the performance of schistosomiasis control programmes.201020214757
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