seroprevalence of ehrlichia canis, ehrlichia equi, and ehrlichia risticii in sick dogs from north carolina and virginia.ehrlichia canis, e. equi, and e. risticii seroprevalence was determined by microimmunofluorescent antibody testing (ifa) in a sequential population of 1,845 sick dogs admitted during a 1-year period to the north carolina state university veterinary teaching hospital. a seroreactor was defined by a reciprocal ifa titer of > or =80 to e. canis, e. equi, or e. risticii antigens. of the 48 ifa seroreactors, 44 dogs were seroreactive to e. canis, 21 to e. equi, and 0 to e. risticii. seventeen dogs re ...200010668817
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