evaluation of a polycarbonate filter for the detection of microfilaremia in dogs in central michigan.several diagnostic techniques were used in determining the prevalence of microfilaremia in 479 dogs entering the holding facility for research animals at michigan state university. the modified knott test and cellulose filter procedures were initially applied, but persistent difficulties with the cellulose filter system prompted evaluation of the use of clear polycarbonate filters. this procedure was found to be equally as sensitive as the modified knott test and more sensitive than the microhem ...1977870465
prevalence of dirofilaria immitis infection among shelter determine prevalence of dirofilaria immitis infection among shelter cats.200010909460
prevalence of heartworm infection in healthy cats in the lower peninsula of determine prevalence of heartworm infection among healthy, client-owned cats in the lower peninsula of michigan.200010997156
dirofilaria immitis: worm burden and pulmonary artery proliferation in dogs from michigan (united states).despite the ability to prevent heartworm disease, infection with dirofilaria immitis continues to be a major problem for domestic dogs. to determine worm burden in heartworm-positive dogs from three county animal shelters in the state of michigan in the united states and to assess the relationship between gross intimal proliferation and worm burden, necropsy was done on 176 heartworm-positive dogs. adult heartworms were found in the heart and pulmonary artery of 170 of the 176 (96.6%) dogs exami ...200415350667
other ways to interpret results from heartworm infection study. 200011132876
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