heartworm 'lack of effectiveness' claims in the mississippi delta: computerized analysis of owner compliance--2004-2011.a retrospective medical record review was conducted to identify factors from veterinary clinic medical records that may have contributed to suspected ineffectiveness of a heartworm preventive product. patient records of 271 dogs, comprising 301 instances of positive heartworm antigen test results while the dogs were receiving heartworm preventive were evaluated. nineteen veterinary practices in 17 counties and parishes in arkansas, louisiana, mississippi, and tennessee participated in the study. ...201425440944
prevalence of dirofilaria immitis (nematoda: filarioidea) in mosquitoes from northeast arkansas, the united states.a mosquito survey was conducted to identify which species of mosquitoes carry dirofilaria immitis (leidy) (nematoda: filarioidea), dog heartworm, in northeast arkansas. using polymerase chain reaction, mosquitoes were analyzed for d. immitis, dirofilaria repens railliet & henry, and acanthocheilonema dracunculoides cobbold. mosquitoes were collected from april to october 2009 using black light ultraviolet traps baited with dry ice. sixteen mosquito species were identified. d. immitis was identif ...201323926787
survey of dirofilariasis in arkansas.a card survey was sent to 340 veterinarians in the urban, delta, highland and coastal plain regions of arkansas. veterinarians were asked to indicate numbers of dogs tested, confirmed dirofilaria immitis positive, diagnostic techniques, frequency and period tested. a significantly greater percentage of dogs tested d. immitis positive in the delta region as compared with the urban region. there were no significant differences in the percentage of treated dogs on prophylaxis or the types of diagno ...19938350083
dirofilaria immitis from the eye of a dog in arkansas. 1977592053
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