a novel dirofilaria species causing human and canine infections in hong kong.dirofilariasis is globally the commonest manifestation of zoonotic filariasis. we report the detection of a novel canine species causing human and canine dirofilariasis in hong kong. three human cases occurring over 10 months were identified, one presenting with cervical lymphadenopathy, one with an abdominal subcutaneous mass, and one with a subconjunctival nodule. transected worms recovered from the resected abdominal subcutaneous mass were morphologically compatible with dirofilaria. the cox1 ...201222915604
comparative evaluation of a point-of-care immunochromatographic test snap 4dx with molecular detection tests for vector-borne canine pathogens in hong kong.abstract there are no comprehensive studies on the performance of commonly used point-of-care diagnostic enzyme immunoassay for common arthropod-borne canine pathogens. a comparative evaluation of an immunochromatographic test for these infections with a comprehensive polymerase chain reaction (pcr) test panel was performed on 100 pet dogs and 100 stray dogs without obvious clinical symptoms. of the 162 positive test results from both immunochromatographic test and pcr, there was 85.2% concordan ...201121612526
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