principal intestinal parasites of dogs in tirana, albania.from 2004 to 2009, the digestive tracts of 111 dogs from suburban areas around tirana, albania, were examined for intestinal helminths. in addition, rectal faecal samples of all dogs were examined for protozoan infections and 48 faecal samples from dogs >6 months of age were processed with the baermann technique to test for the excretion of lungworm larvae. the heart and pulmonary arteries of 30 dogs >6 months of age also were examined for nematode parasites. the intestinal parasite fauna of the ...201020878182
parasites and vector-borne pathogens in client-owned dogs in albania. blood pathogens and seroprevalences of parasitic and other infectious agents.knowledge on the epidemiology of parasitic and vector-borne infections is still very limited for albania, a country located in the balkan peninsula in southeast europe. recent publications indicated prevalence rates of up to 52% for vector-borne infections in less-cared dogs in albania. to provide data on the epidemiological situation in dogs under veterinary care, a total of 602 client-owned dogs presented to four small animal clinics between march 2010 and april 2011 in tirana, albania, were s ...201626453093
[arthropod-borne parasites of dogs, especially leishmania, in the kosovo and albania].currently no information is available regarding canine arthropod-borne parasites in albania and the kosovo, especially the zoonotic protozoan leishmania infantum. presumably autochtonous cases of human leishmaniosis have been described for some areas (kosovo: ferizaj, gjakovo, pec, malisevo; albania: tirana, durres, elbasan, shkodra, vlore). in order to investigate the infection status of dogs of different origin sera from 272 animals (151 from albania - tirana, kamza and durres; 121 from the ko ...200819066774
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