babesia dna detection in canine blood and dermacentor reticulatus ticks in southwestern siberia, russia.babesia infection was studied in 21 blood samples of dogs with symptoms of babesiosis and among 72 dermacentor reticulatus and 70 ixodes persulcatus ticks from southwestern siberia, russia. babesia dna was detected by hemi-nested pcr based on the 18s rrna gene with subsequent direct sequencing. all of the analyzed canine blood samples and three d. reticulatus, but none from i. persulcatus ticks studied were shown to contain babesia dna. nucleotide sequences of the babesia 18s rrna gene fragment ...200516187898
[characteristics of the distribution of ticks ixodes persulcatus and ixodes pavlovskyi at the border between the forest and forest-steppe zones in the territory near ob river].field investigations performed in 2009 and 2010 in the novosibirskiy, toguchinskiy, and sovetskiy districts of novosibirsk province showed, that at present, ixodes persulcatus, i. pavlovskyi (subspecies i. pavlovskyi occidentals filippova et panova, 1998), and dermacentor reticulatus (fabricius, 1794) permanently cohabitate in the woodland park of the novosibirsk akademgorodok, and i. pavlovskyi is the dominating species there. the highest abundance of i. pavlovskyi was recorded in pine forests ...201121874842
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