prevalence of fascioloides magna in cattle and deer in michigan.a survey among 1.12 million cattle slaughtered in 357 packing plants in michigan during 1977 to 1981 was conducted to determine the prevalence of liver fluke infection. the condemnation rate of liver fluke-infected livers was 0.41, 3.7, and 13.9% in the southern, northern-lower, and upper regions of michigan, respectively. the same trend in infection rates was observed in white-tailed deer that had been examined in diagnostic laboratories in the state. a serologic survey among 50 randomly select ...19873667410
suitability of six lymnaeid snails for infection with fasciola hepatica.the suitability of fossaria (bakerilymnaea) cubensis and pseudosuccinea columella from louisiana as intermediate hosts for fasciola hepatica was compared to p. columella and stagnicola elodes from ann arbor, mi, s. attenuata from hidalgo, mexico, lymnaea gedrosiana from iran and l. natalensis from senegal. p. columella from la was shown to be a more suitable host (51.3% became infected) than f. (b.) cubensis (15.2% and 26.4% of two populations became infected). the infection rate for p. columell ...19873617426
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