fasciola hepatica: a comparative survey of adult fluke resistance to triclabendazole, nitroxynil and closantel on selected upland and lowland sheep farms in northern ireland using faecal egg counting, coproantigen elisa testing and fluke order to investigate the incidence and distribution of adult fluke resistance to the fasciolicide tricalbendazole (tcbz) amongst populations of fasciola hepatica in sheep flocks in northern ireland (ni), individual rectal faeces samples were collected from 3 groups of 20 sheep, before (pre-dose), and 21 days after (post-dose) treatment of the animals with tcbz, nitroxynil or closantel, on each of 13 well-managed sheep farms distributed across the province. the efficacy of each flukicide was d ...201525529143
liver fluke control on sheep farms in northern ireland: a survey of changing management practices in relation to disease prevalence and perceived triclabendazole resistance.reports of resistance to triclabendazole (tcbz) among fluke populations have increased in recent years. allied to this, there has been a rise in the prevalence of the disease, which has been linked to climate change. results from questionnaire surveys conducted in northern ireland (ni) in 2005 (covering the years 1999-2004) and 2011 (covering the years 2008-2011) have provided an opportunity to examine the extent to which fluke control practices have changed over a prolonged time-frame, in light ...201626801598
liver fluke (fasciola hepatica) infection in cattle in northern ireland: a large-scale epidemiological investigation utilising surveillance data.liver fluke (fasciola hepatica) is a widespread parasite of ruminants which can have significant economic impact on cattle production. fluke infection status at the animal-level is captured during meat inspection of all animals processed for human consumption within northern ireland. these national datasets have not been analysed to assess their utility in uncovering patterns in fluke infection at animal- and herd-levels in northern ireland.201627079910
a further season of epidermiological studies of fasciola hepatica infections in sheep. 19676067628
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