discovery of opisthorchis lobatus (trematoda: opisthorchiidae): new recorded species of small liver flukes in the greater mekong sub-region.abstract metacercariae, morphologically similar to those of small liver flukes, were found to parasitize red-tailed snakehead fish, channa limbata, collected from the city of vientiane, lao pdr. adult worms that were recovered from experimentally-infected hamsters showed characteristics distinctly different from opisthorchis viverrini but closely similar to opisthorchis lobatus, which was first reported in poultry (anas sp.) from pakistan. the present study aimed to redescribe o. lobatus based o ...201121682557
present situation of opisthorchiasis in vientiane capital, lao peoples' democratic republic.opisthorchiasis is the commonest liver disease caused by opisthorchis viverrini in thailand, lao people's democratic republic (pdr) and cambodia, which will be a major cause of future human cholangiocarcinoma in these regions. in this short review, we describe the epidemic aspects of this parasite infection and the outline of results of our recent surveys of the fluke in humans and its intermediate hosts in vientiane capital, where information on the opisthorchiasis epidemic is insufficient. we ...201728552889
trematode diversity in the freshwater snail bithynia siamensis goniomphalos sensu lato from thailand and lao order to obtain a comprehensive understanding of trematode diversity in bithynia siamensis goniomphalos sensu lato, the first intermediate host of the liver fluke opisthorchis viverrini s.l., the prevalence of larval trematode species was investigated in different localities in thailand and lao people's democratic republic (lao pdr). in thailand, snail samples were collected from 29 localities in the nine provinces: buri ram, surin, chaiya phum, maha sarakham, khon kaen, kalasin, mukdahan, sa ...201625997613
differential diagnosis of opisthorchiid and heterophyid metacercariae (trematoda) infecting flesh of cyprinid fish from nam ngum dam lake in laos.the examination of flesh of 313 cyprinid fish from the nam ngum water reservoir in vientiane province, laos, revealed the presence of four morphologically similar opisthorchiid and heterophyid metacercariae of medical importance. the following morphological characters, visible under dissecting microscope with low magnification, were typical of trematodes recorded in fish: (1) opisthorchis viverrini, the liver fluke, has oval cysts containing quickly moving c-shaped metacercariae provided with a ...19911822880
prevalence of helminthic infections among inhabitants of lao pdr.the prevalence of helminthic infections was surveyed on a total of 6,178 residents (males 2,549 and females 3,629) in 102 villages of 9 provinces in lao pdr between 2007 and 2011 under the project of korea-laos collaborative project for control of foodborne trematode infections in lao pdr. fecal specimens were collected and examined by the kato-katz thick smear and stoll's egg counting techniques. the overall liver/intestinal helminth egg positive rate was 71.9% with a single or mixed infections ...201424623882
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