genetic characterization of anaplasma ovis strains from bighorn sheep in montana.wildlife reservoir species and genetic diversity of anaplasma ovis (rickettsiales: anaplasmataceae) have been poorly characterized. bighorn sheep (ovis canadensis), captured in montana from december 2004 to january 2005, were tested for antibodies to anaplasma spp.; the presence of a. ovis was determined by the characterization of major surface protein msp4 sequences. anaplasma antibodies were detected in 25/180 (14%) sampled bighorn sheep and a. ovis msp4 sequences were amplified by polymerase ...200616870861
prevalence of infection in ticks submitted to the human tick test kit program of the u.s. army center for health promotion and preventive 1997, ticks removed from humans and received alive by the tick-borne disease laboratory of the u.s. army center for health promotion and preventive medicine (usachppm) were tested for pathogens by polymerase chain reaction (pcr). thirty-three of 222 (15%) amblyomma americanum (l.) dnas produced amplicons of the expected size of ehrlichia chaffeensis anderson, dawson & wilson and 26/222 (12%) produced amplicons indicating borrelia burgdorferi johnson, schmid, hyde, steigalt & brenner. five (2% ...200111268694
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