effect of tourism and trade on intestinal parasitic infections in guatemala.a survey was performed to determine if infection with gastrointestinal parasites differs between the rural and urban poor inhabitants of guatemala. a total of 317 stool samples from children in two towns, one rural and one urban, were examined using the formalin-ether concentration method. the overall prevalence of parasites in infected children was 67%, 20%, 30%, and 22%, respectively for ascaris lumbricoides, trichuris trichiura, giardia duodenalis and entamoeba histolytica in the rural town o ...200918941875
a retrospective analysis of prevalence of gastrointestinal parasites among school children in the palajunoj valley of guatemala.this study retrospectively analyzed demographic factors that may affect the prevalence of intestinal parasites among guatemalan school children. the findings of the study showed that young age, wet season, female gender, and severe malnutrition all correlated positively with increased rates of infection. clinical visits were performed on 10,586 school children aged 5-15 years over a four-year period (2004-2007) in the palajunoj valley of guatemala, during which 5,705 viable stool samples were sc ...200919248646
prevalence of multi-gastrointestinal infections with helminth, protozoan and campylobacter spp. in guatemalan children.the prevalence of multi-infections with helminthes, protozoans and campylobacter spp. in guatemalan children is a reflection of differences in the risk factors related to pathogen transmission.200919759480
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