amoebiasis as a cause of death in a scottish elderly woman, resident throughout her life in scotland presented with abdominal pain and diarrhoea. a provisional diagnosis of ulcerative colitis was made on sigmoidoscopy. at post mortem entamoeba histolytica was demonstrated in considerable numbers in the mucosal ulcers. it would appear though extremely rare that amoebiasis should be considered in the differential diagnosis of colonic ulceration.19816274015
amoebiasis in homosexual men.the clinical, histopathological, and serological features of 35 homosexual men with infection with entamoeba histolytica were studied and compared with a group of 35 non-infected homosexual men. each isolate was of zymodeme type i. although there was no significant difference in the numbers of infected and non-infected men with gastrointestinal symptoms (48.6% and 28.6% respectively), the mean duration of symptoms was greater in with amoebiasis (p less than 0.05). the histology of the rectal muc ...19846323279
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