prevalence of intestinal parasitic infections among asian female house keepers in abha district, saudi arabia.a group of 5,518 female asian house keepers working in abha district of saudi arabia was examined (1990 through 1992) to determine the prevalence of intestinal parasitic infections. they came from indonesia, sri lanka, philippines and thailand. fresh stool specimens were obtained in special containers and examined by light microscopy of wet smears in normal saline and lugoll's iodine solution within one hour of collection. the study revealed an overall prevalence of 46.5% which was higher than t ...19958525400
amoebic liver abscess--a clinical study. 19744370725
[intestinal parasitoses in the mahajanga region, west coast of madagascar].a study on human intestinal parasites was carried out from november 1996 until january 1997, in mahajanga's hospital, on the western coast of madagascar. we collected the faeces from 401 patients and the sera from 112 of them. faecal examination using direct examination and mif method revealed that 67.6% of the stools contained at least one parasite. the frequency of the protozoa was high (47.7%). the prevalence of the nematodosis reached 23.4%. hymenolepis nana, taenia saginata or solium and sc ...200312784593
amebiasis: nutritional implications.studies on the role of nutrition in amebiasis in humans and experimental animals are meager. some reports suggest that malnutrition of the host increases the incidence of infection and potentiates the severity of the disease. others suggest that malnutrition protects the host against invasion. a few reports indicate that dietary regimens can alleviate symptoms and even eradicate the parasite. others doubt a correlation between diet and rate of infection or disease manifestations. the problem is ...19826289405
a survey of entamoeba histolytica and entamoeba dispar (brumpt) infections on mahé, the seychelles.e. histolytica, pathogenic, and e. dispar, non-pathogenic, being morphologically identical are, when recovered as cysts in feces, diagnosed as e. histolytica. a survey on the seychelles demonstrated that when culture and zymodeme characterization was used to compare against microscopy alone, the risk of overdiagnosis of e. histolytica infections was drastically reduced. from a total of 313 subjects tested 21 cultures grew amebas. by zymodeme analysis eight were e. histolytica, 40 were e. dispar ...19921340310
intestinal parasitoses in the kandy area, sri lanka.the prevalence of intestinal protozoa and geohelminths was assessed among two diverse populations in the kandy area: adults attending medical outpatients clinics at the teaching hospital peradeniya, and pre-school children in low-cost housing areas within the kandy municipality. in addition to a brief history and examination, a fresh stool sample was obtained and examined by direct smears in saline and iodine, and by formol-ether concentration. the children's stool samples were also examined for ...19947777909
[medical problems in refugees from sri lanka (tamil)].recently many refugees from sri lanka have arrived in europe. the purpose of the present investigation was to analyze the subjective complaints and diagnoses in these refugees. one hundred refugees (97 males, 3 females, age 19 to 42 years) were investigated. the most common reasons for consulting a general internist were cough (23%), general pain in soft tissue and joints (21%), disorders of the gastrointestinal tract (19%) and ear or throat complaints (15%). in 43% of the patients no diagnosis ...19853969544
hepatic amoebiasis in ceylon. 19724333615
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