intestinal parasites infections in hospitalized aids patients in kinshasa, democratic republic of determine the prevalence and the species spectrum of intestinal parasites (ip) involved in hospitalized aids patients, a prospective observational and cross-sectional study was carried out in the four main hospitals in kinshasa, democratic republic of the congo. from november 2006 through september 2007, a single stool sample was collected from 175 hospitalized aids patients older than 15 years. parasites were detected by light microscopy, including ziehl-neelsen, fungi-fluor, modified trichr ...201021275238
antiamoebic and spasmolytic activities of extracts from some antidiarrhoeal traditional preparations used in kinshasa, congo.three major extracts from some traditional preparations, based on medicinal plants, used as antidiarrhoeal agents were investigated for their putative antiamoebic and spasmolytic activities in vitro. results indicated that both biological activities are concentrated in the polyphenolic fraction, and not in the saponin or alkaloid containing fractions. the most active polyphenolic extracts were those from euphorbia hirta whole plant, leaves of alchornea cordifolia, crossopteryx febrifuga, nauclea ...200010782488
biological screening of traditional preparations from some medicinal plants used as antidiarrhoeal in kinshasa, congo.forty six aqueous extracts from 38 medicinal plant species belonging to different families were selected on the basis of their traditional medicinal use as antidiarrhoeic agents. they were submitted in a broad biological screening including antibacterial, antiamoebic and antispasmodic activities. the results of the testing have indicated that 37 extracts (80.43%), 33 (71.74%) and 32 (69.54%) exhibited some level of antibacterial, antiamoebic and antispasmodic activity respectively. only 8 plant ...199910228613
community survey of diarrhoea in children under 5 years in kinshasa, zaire.this community based survey was undertaken to assess the prevalence, characteristics and risk factors of diarrhoea in children < 5 years of age in an urban zone, at kinshasa, zaire. 155 community cases selected by cluster sampling, 155 age-matched controls, and 18 children with diarrhoea seen at a health centre (hc) were examined. the diarrhoea prevalence rate was 6.5%. the highest risk of persistent diarrhoea was in children of 2 to 3 years, non breast-fed, with more than one enteric agent in t ...19957487197
[242 cases of acute diarrhea in children in kinshasa]. 19734352860
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