prevalence and antigenic differences observed between bovine viral diarrhea virus subgenotypes isolated from cattle in australia and feedlots in the southwestern united states.bovine viral diarrhea virus (bvdv) is divided into 2 different species within the pestivirus genus, bvdv type 1 (bvdv-1) and bvdv type 2 (bvdv-2). further phylogenetic analysis has revealed subgenotype groupings within the 2 types. thus far, 12 bvdv-1 subgenotypes (a-l) and 2 bvdv-2 subgenotypes (a and b) have been identified. the purpose of the current study was to determine the prevalence of bvdv subgenotypes in the united states and australia and to determine if there are detectable antigenic ...201020224075
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