ocular syphilis - eight jurisdictions, united states, 2014-2015.ocular syphilis, a manifestation of treponema pallidum infection, can cause a variety of ocular signs and symptoms, including eye redness, blurry vision, and vision loss. although syphilis is nationally notifiable, ocular manifestations are not reportable to cdc. syphilis rates have increased in the united states since 2000. after ocular syphilis clusters were reported in early 2015, cdc issued a clinical advisory (1) in april 2015 and published a description of the cases in october 2015 (2). be ...201627811837
inadvertent use of bicillin c-r for treatment of syphilis--maryland, october 1998, the maryland department of health and mental hygiene (mdh) was notified that a public sexually transmitted disease (std) clinic in a county (county a) had used a nonrecommended preparation to treat syphilis patients during january-october 1998. the clinic had been inadequately treating syphilis patients or syphilis contacts with bicillin c-r (a mixture of 1.2 million units [mu] benzathine penicillin g [bpg] and 1.2 mu procaine penicillin g), rather than with bicillin l-a (2.4 mu ...199911263547
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