avian cholera exposure and carriers in greater white-fronted geese breeding in alaska, usa.we conducted a 3-yr study (2001-03) on greater white-fronted geese (anser albifrons frontalis) breeding in alaska, usa, to determine the exposure of this population to pasteurella multocida and the potential role of these birds as disease carriers. we tested sera from nearly 600 adult geese for antibodies to p. multocida serotype 1. we found a low prevalence (<5%) of positive antibodies in adult geese, and based on the short duration of detectable antibodies, these findings indicate recent infec ...200516244059
avian cholera causes marine bird mortality in the bering sea of alaska.the first known avian cholera outbreak among wild birds in alaska occurred during november 2013. liver, intestinal, and splenic necrosis consistent with avian cholera was noted, and pasteurella multocida serotype 1 was isolated from liver and lung or spleen in crested auklets (aethia cristatella), thick-billed murres (uria lomvia), common eider (somateria mollissima), northern fulmars (fulmarus glacialis), and gulls (larus spp.).201526251989
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