invasive pasteurella multocida infections - report of five cases at a minnesota hospital, 2014.during october 2014, the minnesota department of health was notified of five hospital a patients with pasteurella multocida bacteraemia; three had died. human soft tissue infection with p. multocida typically results from cat or dog bites or scratches. invasive infection, defined as a p. multocida isolate from a usually sterile site, is rare. we evaluated p. multocida isolations at hospital a, compared with other minnesota hospitals to understand invasive infection trends. a case was defined as ...201626892817
microorganisms associated with pneumonia in slaughter weight swine.the lungs of 334 pigs were obtained from two slaughter plants in minnesota and examined in detail. macroscopic and microscopic evaluation, direct fluorescence for mycoplasma hyopneumoniae and bacterial culture were done on all of them and a subsample of 50 were selected for virus culture. mycoplasma hyopneumoniae, pasteurella multocida and haemophilus spp. were detected in 24.0%, 34.1% and 27.0% of the lungs, commonly in conjunction with each other. one isolate of haemophilus pleuropneumoniae se ...19854016578
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