avian cholera in common crows, corvus brachyrhynchos, from the central texas epornitic of avian cholera involving approximately 150 birds is described from a flock of common crows, corvus brachyrhynchos, on a single playa lake utilized as a roost in castro county, texas, during early spring of 1980. there was a concomitant epornitic of avian cholera involving several hundred ducks and geese of several species on adjacent lakes in he same area. crows scavenged extensively on waterfowl carcasses. gross and histopathologic lesions in waterfowl were typical of acute avian ...19817338973
notes on the first known avian cholera epizootic in wildfowl in north america. 19938487393
serologic and parasitologic survey of the endangered attwater's prairie chicken.because conservation biologists have postulated that infectious diseases may have potentiated the endangerment of the attwater's prairie chicken (tympanuchus cupido attwateri), free-living prairie chickens were surveyed from all remaining populations for helminthic endoparasites and antibody against the etiological agents of nine infectious diseases. samples from 4 of 27 adult males were positive for anti-pasteurella multocida antibody. all other serologic tests were negative (n = 19). we identi ...19989476235
pathogens of bovine respiratory disease in north american feedlots conferring multidrug resistance via integrative conjugative this study, we determined the prevalence of bovine respiratory disease (brd)-associated viral and bacterial pathogens in cattle and characterized the genetic profiles, antimicrobial susceptibilities, and nature of antimicrobial resistance determinants in collected bacteria. nasopharyngeal swab and lung tissue samples from 68 brd mortalities in alberta, canada (n = 42), texas (n = 6), and nebraska (n = 20) were screened using pcr for bovine viral diarrhea virus (bvdv), bovine respiratory syncy ...201424478472
northern bobwhites as disease indicators for the endangered attwater's prairie chicken.because of limited access to the endangered attwater's prairie chicken (tympanuchus cupido attwateri), we used a related species, the northern bobwhite (colinus virginianus), as a surrogate for disease evaluation. free-living northern bobwhites (n = 62) on the attwater prairie chicken national wildlife refuge (near eagle lake, texas, usa) were examined during spring and fall 1993 for helminthic endoparasites and specific antibodies against the infectious agents responsible for nine infectious di ...19989577783
outbreaks of fowl cholera in quail.acute fowl cholera causing high mortality was diagnosed in three flocks of quail, one involving pharaoh quail (coturnix coturnix) and two involving bobwhite quail (colinus virginianus). the causative organism, pasteurella multocida, was identified as type 3.19827092741
capsular and somatic serotypes of pasteurella multocida isolates recovered from healthy and diseased rabbits in texas.a total of 111 pasteurella multocida isolates recovered from healthy and diseased rabbits were typed for capsular and somatic antigens by the typing systems of carter and heddleston, respectively. the major serotypes of the 48 p. multocida isolates recovered from nasal cavities of healthy rabbits were serotypes 12:a (33%), nontypable:a (50%), and nontypable:d (10%). similarly, the major serotypes of the 63 p. multocida isolates obtained from rabbits with rhinitis, pneumonia, conjunctivitis, tymp ...19836619283
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