outbreak of avian cholera on the wintering grounds of the mississippi valley canada goose flock.avian cholera is reported for the first time in canada geese, branta canadensis, of the mississippi valley population. the disease was detected in weekly surveillance transects and was responsible for the loss of about 850 geese during the winter of 1978-1979 at localized areas in southern illinois. necropsies performed on 480 geese that died at union county conservation area and on 133 birds at horseshoe lake conservation area during january and february 1979 revealed that the majority of losse ...19836887448
a 5-year retrospective report of gallibacterium anatis and pasteurella multocida isolates from chickens in mississippi.a 5-yr retrospective study (november 2006-december 2011) was conducted to determine the isolation frequency of pasteurella multocida and gallibacterium anatis and their antibiograms from chickens submitted to the mississippi poultry research and diagnostic laboratory. the number of isolations of g. anatis increased over the last 5 yr in broiler and broiler breeder type chickens. for p. multocida, the number of isolations increased from 2006 to 2010, but decreased through 2011 with all isolations ...201324235226
septicemic pasteurellosis in elk (cervus elaphus) on the united states national elk refuge, wyoming.septicemic pasteurellosis caused by pasteurella multocida is believed responsible for the deaths of 48 elk (cervus elaphus) on the national elk refuge near jackson, wyoming (usa) during 1986 and 1987. clinical signs included depression and salivation; necropsy findings included congestion and petechial and ecchymotic hemorrhages in lymph nodes, diaphragm, lungs and endocardium. pasteurella multocida was isolated from femur marrow of eight carcasses and a variety of tissues from eight others.19883143020
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