in vitro characterization of field isolants of pasteurella multocida from georgia turkeys.field isolants of pasteurella multocida from fowl cholera outbreaks in georgia turkeys were characterized by three sets of criteria: differential biochemical reactions, in vitro drug sensitivity, and serology. of the 30 isolants studied, 28 exhibited identical biochemical patterns. these were similar to previously described patterns for turkey isolants of p. multocida. the two exceptions were isolants recovered from the same farm at different times. they differed only in ability to ferment arabi ...19751164320
fowl cholera in broilers.pasteurella multocida, the etiologic agent of fowl cholera, was isolated from six broiler flocks in georgia during summer 1988. the flocks ranged in age from 20 to 46 days, represented four companies, and spanned a distance of 50 miles. increased mortality and lameness were the clinical signs present in all affected flocks. bacterial isolation and agar gel precipitation for somatic antigen serotyping revealed that three of the cases were caused by serotype 1,3, two by serotype 3,4, and one by se ...19892619670
characteristics of fowl cholera outbreaks in turkeys in georgia in 1986.information was gathered from 64 cases of fowl cholera (fc) in turkey flocks through diagnostic case records, flock records, and telephone and mail surveys. forty-five cases came from flocks of commercial turkeys, of which 15 were presented twice, and four came from mature breeder flocks. the prevalence of fc was 18.0% of commercial flocks and 14.7% of breeder flocks at risk. the average age at first diagnosis of fc was 90 days in commercial turkey flocks and 32 weeks 5 days in breeder flocks. a ...19892751551
characteristics of fowl cholera diagnosed in georgia, hundred seventy-six cases of fowl cholera were diagnosed at the georgia poultry laboratory over a 3-year period. the disease occurred throughout the year, with peak incidence during march and april. fowl cholera was diagnosed in flocks from 4 to 83 weeks of age, with a mean of 33 weeks of age. the pasteurella multocida isolates were highly susceptible to all antimicrobial agents tested, except sulfonamides. the serotypic distribution of isolates showed that serotype 3,4 predominated (40%), f ...19938363525
subacute to chronic fowl cholera in a flock of pharaoh breeder quail.a total of 1300 birds in flock of breeder pharaoh quail (coturinix coturnix) experienced a moderate rate of mortality (13%) during a 7-day period. clinical signs included depression, ruffled feathers, prostration, lameness, inapetence, diarrhea, and periorbital sinus swelling with mucoid discharge and lameness. gross lesions observed in dead quail were emaciation, carcass congestion, mild hepatomegaly with green discoloration, congested intestinal mucosa, caseous purulent arthritis-osteomyelitis ...19989533103
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