prevalence of pasteurella multocida and other respiratory pathogens in the nasal tract of scottish calves.the prevalence of pasteurella multocida, a cause of bovine respiratory disease, was studied in a random sample of beef suckler and dairy farms throughout scotland, by means of a cross-sectional survey. a total of 637 calves from 68 farms from six geographical regions of scotland were sampled between february and june 2008. deep nasal swabs were taken, and samples that were culture-positive for p multocida were confirmed by pcr. prevalence of p multocida was 17 per cent (105 of 616 calves); 47 pe ...201021257416
molecular epidemiology of pasteurella multocida in dairy and beef calves.the molecular epidemiology of pasteurella multocida has rarely been studied at the farm level in cattle. the aim of this study was to determine whether single or multiple strains of p. multocida tend to exist within farms. molecular characterisation was carried out on isolates obtained from nasal swabs from 105 calves from 32 randomly selected beef and dairy farms located throughout scotland, and from 131 calves from 20 farms in the mayenne region of france, where sampling occurred in response t ...201121511409
field study of pneumonia in vaccinated cattle associated with incorrect vaccination and pasteurella multocida infection.this field study used data on the vaccine courses against bovine respiratory disease sold by one pharmaceutical company in conjunction with pharmacovigilance data to explore reported suspected lack of expected efficacy and the reasons for this. the study ran from may 1, 2007, to april 30, 2010, and covered vaccines sold in scotland and part of northumberland. in total, 83 groups of cattle reported suspected lack of expected efficacy, representing 1.6 per cent of the 804,618 vaccine courses sold. ...201525724544
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