relatively high prevalence of pox-like lesions in henslow's sparrow (ammodrammus henslowii) among nine species of migratory grassland passerines in wisconsin, usa.globally, avipoxvirus species affect over 230 species of wild birds and can significantly impair survival. during banding of nine grassland songbird species (n=346 individuals) in southwestern wisconsin, usa, we noted species with a 2-6% prevalence of pox-like lesions (possible evidence of current infection) and 4-10% missing digits (potential evidence of past infection). these prevalences approach those recorded among island endemic birds (4-9% and 9-20% for the galapagos and hawaii, respective ...201425121409
characterization of poxviruses from forest birds in hawaii.two strains of avian pox viruses were isolated from cutaneous lesions in hawaiian crows (corvus hawaiiensis) examined in 1994 and a third from a biopsy obtained in 1992 from an infected bird of the apapane species (himatione sanguinea) by inoculation of the chorioallantoic membranes (cam) of developing chicken embryos. the resulting proliferative cam lesions contained eosinophilic cytoplasmic inclusion bodies characteristic of pox virus infection. the pathogenicity of these three viruses in dome ...200010813603
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