differences in ibaraki virus rna segment 3 sequences from three epidemics.phylogenetic tree and partial nucleotide sequence analysis of rna segment 3 were conducted to compare the ibaraki virus (ibav) strains from three epidemics in japan, and serotype 2 epizootic hemorrhagic disease virus strains isolated in australia, taiwan, and canada. each strain was classified relative to the ibaraki disease (ibad) epidemics, which occurred in 1959-1960, 1987, or 1997-1998. in particular, major variation of the gene was identified in the strains isolated after 1997 when a new ty ...200314665759
epidemiology of bovine ephemeral fever virus infection in taiwan.sick animals with excessive nasal discharges and protruding tongue as a result of dyspnea were observed in the august of 1996. eight strains of bef virus were isolated from heparinized blood samples of the affected cattle. most of the affected cattle were difficult to be treated and had a poor prognosis. a total of 516 farms in the 9 districts of taiwan were affected in 1996. among a population of 110,247 dairy cattle, 14,993 (13.6%) cattle were found to be clinically ill. during the epidemic, 1 ...19989880933
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