risk factors associated with isolation of stenotrophomonas (xanthomonas) maltophilia in clinical determine risk factors for patients whose cultures grew stenotrophomonas maltophilia.19979154473
transformations of selenate and selenite by stenotrophomonas maltophilia isolated from a seleniferous agricultural drainage pond sediment.a gram-negative bacterium, identified as stenotrophomonas maltophilia by fatty acid analysis and 16s rrna sequencing, was isolated from a seleniferous agricultural evaporation pond sediment collected in the tulare lake drainage district, california. in cultures exposed to the atmosphere, the organism reduces selenate (seo4(2-)) and selenite (seo3(2-)) to red amorphous elemental selenium (se degrees ) only upon reaching stationary phase, when o2 levels are less than 0.1 mg l(-1). in 48 h, s. malt ...200312662176
analysis of epidemic and endemic isolates of xanthomonas maltophilia by contour-clamped homogeneous electric field gel electrophoresis.xanthomonas maltophilia is increasingly a cause of nosocomial infections. the mode of transmission of this organism is not well known.19947852724
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