infection with pseudomonas maltophilia hospital outbreak due to contaminated disinfectant.between august, 1973, and may, 1974, pseudomonas maltophilia was isolated from 63 patients in the king edward memorial hospital for women, subiaco, western australia. primary cultures were obtained mainly from specimens of urine from adults, and from intraarterial catheter tips and umbilical swabs from neonates. in most cases the organism appeared to be a contaminant, but in seven it was responsible for infection. the source of the organism was deionized water used for diluting savlon concentrat ...19761004317
significance of positive stenotrophomonas maltophilia culture in acute respiratory tract infection.stenotrophomonas maltophilia is a common coloniser of the respiratory tract of patients with chronic lung disease, and, in the absence of pneumonia or bacteraemia, is often ignored by physicians at the royal perth hospital (perth, australia). experience at the royal perth hospital was reviewed to determine whether ignoring s. maltophilia in this setting has any apparent effect on clinical outcome. all patients who presented with an acute respiratory illness and yielded a positive culture for s. ...200515863651
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