antimicrobial susceptibility pattern of clinical isolates of non-fermentative bacteria.152 nonfermentative bacteria were isolated from a total number of 965 clinical samples processed routinely in the laboratory of microbiology department, m.k.c.g medical college in south orissa accounting to a prevalence rate of 15.75%. pseudomonas spp. (both pigmented and non-pigmented strains) were isolated in maximum percentage (73.6%) followed by acinetobacter spp. (19.7%) and alkaligenes faecalis (4.6%). rarely encountered species were eikenella corrodens (1.3%) and stenotrophomonas maltophi ...200315025332
contribution of hot spring bacterial consortium in cadmium and lead bioremediation through quadratic programming the present investigation, a number of experiments have been conducted to isolate microbial strains from taptapani hot spring odisha, india for bioremediation of cadmium and lead. the strains stenotrophomonas maltophilia (ss1), aeromonas veronii (ss2) and bacillus barbaricus (ss3) have shown better adaptation to metal tolerance test, with different concentrations of cadmium and lead and hence have been selected for further studies of metal microbial interaction and optimization. the results o ...201424333714
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