analysis identifying common and distinct sequences among texas clinical strains of mycoplasma genitalium.mycoplasma genitalium is a human bacterial pathogen linked to urethritis and other sexually transmitted diseases. here, we assessed the incidence of m. genitalium infection in patients attending a sexually transmitted disease clinic in san antonio, tx, by use of diagnostic real-time pcr. overall, 16.8% of women and 15.1% of men were found m. genitalium positive. regions of the mgpb gene, which encodes the mgpa adhesin, were amplified from positive clinical specimens and evaluated for sequence va ...200919261784
mycoplasma genitalium symptoms, concordance and treatment in high-risk sexual dyads.the objective of this study was to determine the prevalence and concordance of mycoplasma genitalium (mg) among mexican american and african american women and their male sexual partners. secondary objectives were to determine symptoms of mg infection and persistence of mg after antibiotic therapy. heterosexual couples were tested for mg and interviewed separately regarding symptoms and behavioural/epidemiologic variables at baseline, six and 12 months. the overall prevalence of mg among women a ...201020215621
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