evidence for a porcine respiratory coronavirus, antigenically similar to transmissible gastroenteritis virus, in the united states.a respiratory variant of transmissible gastroenteritis virus (tgev), designated prcv-ind/89, was isolated from a swine breeding stock herd in indiana. the virus was readily isolated from nasal swabs of pigs of different ages and induced cytopathology on primary porcine kidney cells and and on a swine testicular (st) cell line. an 8-week-old pig infected oral/nasally with the respiratory variant and a contact pig showed no signs of respiratory or enteric disease. these pigs did not shed virus in ...19901965638
origin, evolution, and virulence of porcine deltacoronaviruses in the united states.a novel porcine deltacoronavirus (pdcv) was first discovered in ohio and indiana in february 2014, rapidly spread to other states in the united states and canada, and caused significant economic loss in the swine industry. the origin and virulence of this novel porcine coronavirus are not known. here, we characterized u.s. pdcv isolates and determined their virulence in gnotobiotic and conventional piglets. genome analyses revealed that u.s. pdcv isolates possess unique genetic characteristics a ...201525759498
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