porcine respiratory coronavirus isolated from young piglets in quebec. 19921322580
the emergence of porcine circovirus 2b genotype (pcv-2b) in swine in canada.since late 2004, the swine industry in the province of quebec has experienced a significant increase in death rate related to postweaning multisystemic wasting syndrome (pmws). to explain this phenomenon, 2 hypotheses were formulated: 1) the presence of a 2nd pathogen could be exacerbating the porcine circovirus 2 (pcv-2) infection, or 2) a new and more virulent pcv-2 strain could be infecting swine. in 2005, 13 pmws cases were submitted to the quebec provincial diagnostic laboratory and pcv-2 w ...200717824323
pathogenicity of porcine respiratory coronavirus isolated in québec.porcine respiratory coronavirus (prcv) is present in many countries, including canada, but controversy still exists concerning its pathogenicity. eight-week-old piglets were inoculated intratracheally with a quebec prcv isolate (1q90). two contact piglets were kept with the inoculated animals. three animals served as control. polypnea and dyspnea were the main clinical signs observed. diffuse bronchioloalveolar damage occurred 24 hours postinoculation. changes compatible with bronchointerstitial ...19948069830
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