[microbiological monitoring of causative agents of sapronoses in the water of the bogatinskoe water reservoir].the results of the microbiological monitoring of potential causative agents of sapronoses in the water of the bogatinskoye reservoir revealed that in the summer period of 1998 the mass accumulation of virulent aeromonas sobria (up to 25% of the total number of heterotrophic bacteria) took place. the autumn period was characterized by a decrease in the number of a. sobria and the detection of bacteria of the genus vibrio (up to 22%) with v. mimicus and v. metschnikovii identified among them in th ...200011220958
characterization of aeromonas and vibrio species isolated from a drinking water study the phenotypic and chemotaxonomic (i.e. phospholipid and cellular fatty acid composition) characteristics of environmental aeromonas spp. and vibrio spp. isolated from a drinking water reservoir near vladivostok city, and the application of some chemotaxonomic markers for discrimination of the two genera and species.200111412322
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