changes in the hatch rate of haemonchus contortus eggs between geographic regions.vulvar phenotypes and the rate of development of eggs over a range of temperatures were used to compare haemonchus contortus populations in new york state and ohio. these parameters indicated that the westernmost boundary of the subspecies haemonchus contortus cayugensis is the chautauqua valley in new york. the haemonchus ecotype in ohio had a vulvar phenotype formula similar to that described for the subspecies haemonchus contortus contortus. the relationship between slope and intercept of the ...1976988532
effect of environmental stimuli on pre-infective and infective stages of haemonchus contortus in the northern united states for the induction of hypobiosis.the effects of both natural and artificial conditioning of pre-infective and infective stages of haemonchus contortus were examined in two studies with 108 crossbred lambs, using an ohio isolate of h. contortus known to exhibit up to 100% winter hypobiosis. the intensity of hypobiosis varied from 0 to 36% in 17 lamb groups given larvae subjected to various temperature and photoperiod conditions. the results in lambs given larvae conditioned for 4-8 weeks were not significantly different from tho ...19902353422
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