genetics of vulvar morph types in haemonchus contortus: haemonchus contortus cayugensis from the finger lakes region of new york. 1977858660
ostertagiosis in captive bison in new york state: report of nine cases.type ii ostertagiosis was found at necropsy in 9 american bison (bison bison) from 3 farms in new york. clinical signs included severe diarrhea, emaciation, unthrifty coats, anemia, and weakness. in severely affected animals, the macroscopic abomasal changes consisted of irregular thickening and edema of the mucosa, resulting in a pebbly or morocco-leather appearance. microscopically, many gastric pits and glands were dilated, lined by hyperplastic epithelium, and contained nematode sections or ...1979157257
changes in the hatch rate of haemonchus contortus eggs between geographic regions.vulvar phenotypes and the rate of development of eggs over a range of temperatures were used to compare haemonchus contortus populations in new york state and ohio. these parameters indicated that the westernmost boundary of the subspecies haemonchus contortus cayugensis is the chautauqua valley in new york. the haemonchus ecotype in ohio had a vulvar phenotype formula similar to that described for the subspecies haemonchus contortus contortus. the relationship between slope and intercept of the ...1976988532
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