helminth infections of sheep in north sumatra, indonesia.gastrointestinal tracts of 73 indigenous sheep were obtained from the medan abattoir in north sumatra, indonesia, and examined for the presence of helminths. a total of 13 species of helminths, eight nematodes, one cestode and four trematodes were encountered. all sheep were infected by more than one species of nematodes. trichostrongylus colubriformis, t. axei and haemonchus contortus were the most common species. the intensity of the nematode infections was very high: the average burden was ov ...19968720574
peri-parturient rise in faecal strongyle egg counts of different genotypes of sheep in north sumatra, indonesia.faecal strongyle egg counts were monitored in peri-parturient ewes and dry ewes grazing in a rubber plantation in north sumatra, indonesia. a significant rise in faecal egg counts was observed during the post-parturient period. haemonchus contortus was the dominant species in the faecal cultures of the lactating ewes. the intensity of the peri-parturient rise was affected by the genotype of the sheep, which were the local sumatra and its f1 crosses with st. croix, barbados blackbelly and java fa ...19979066065
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