viral tracheitis in goslings in saskatchewan.up to 12% mortality occurred in goslings between 4 and 11 days of age in two sequential hatches from a single breeder flock. respiratory signs were noted before the birds died. the most consistent necropsy finding was a white opaque plug of fibrin and cellular debris in the trachea. the tracheal epithelium was hyperplastic and metaplastic with intranuclear inclusion bodies present in superficial cells. an adenovirus was isolated in both chicken and goose embryo liver cells.19921314554
viral hepatitis in domestic geese in saskatchewan.up to 25% mortality occurred in goslings between 8 and 28 days of age in three sequential hatches from a closed breeder flock on a single farm. the birds died suddenly with minor ascites, subcutaneous and myocardial hemorrhages, and pale, mottled livers with petechial hemorrhages. liver necrosis associated with intranuclear inclusion bodies was seen on histology. virus particles were found on examination of the inclusion bodies with an electron microscope. liver homogenates caused variable morta ...19846091609
inclusion body hepatitis as a primary disease in broilers in saskatchewan, recent years inclusion body hepatitis (ibh) has emerged as an economically important disease in western canada. historically, infections with infectious bursal disease virus (ibdv) and chicken anemia virus (cav) have been known to suppress the immune system of broilers and make them more susceptible to a secondary disease such as ibh. recently it has been reported that virulent adenoviruses are able to cause ibh as a primary disease in broilers without apparent involvement of ibdv and cav. th ...200617274293
genotyping of canadian isolates of fowl adenoviruses.five hundred and seventy-three clinical submissions with fowl adenovirus (fadv) involvement were examined to investigate the association of different types of fadv with clinical problems related to fadv infection. samples were received from 2000 to 2006 and originated from seven canadian provinces. four hundred and eighty-seven submissions were inclusion body hepatitis (ibh) related, while 86 were not ibh related. viruses isolated from 287 samples were further analysed by hexon gene loop 1 seque ...200818202956
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