aeromonas hydrophila in chlorinated water supplies.methods for the isolation and enumeration of aeromonas hydrophila in water supplies are described. examination of 286 chlorinated samples collected between july and october showed that 19% of otherwise uncontaminated waters contained aerom. hydrophila, rising to 71% of those from which escherichia coli was isolated. the isolation rate during january and february was only 7% for all samples. on the basis of these results, tap water is a likely source of the aeromonads found in human intestinal fl ...19852859326
aeromonas hydrophila: an outbreak of hospital infection.aeromonas hydrophila is a gram-negative water-borne organism widely distributed in the environment. this organism is a recognized cause of diarrhoea and an opportunist pathogen in immunosuppressed patients. an outbreak of hospital-acquired infection which included three cases of pneumonia is reported. the organism was isolated from 19 patients.19846085098
clustering of aeromonas hydrophila septicaemia. 19816118660
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