epidemiology and effect on production parameters of an outbreak of inclusion body hepatitis in 2007, an inclusion body hepatitis (ibh) outbreak affected several broiler farms in mississippi. results of logistic regression analyses showed significant associations between ibh occurrence and high enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay geometric mean titers for infectious bursal disease virus. however, there was no association between ibh occurrence and chicken infectious anemia virus status. results of linear regression model analyses showed significant associations between ibh occurrence with ...201020408402
sequence comparisons of the variable vp2 region of eight infectious bursal disease virus isolates.the vp2 gene is part of the genomic segment a of infectious bursal disease virus (ibdv). it has been identified as the major host-protective antigen of ibdv and is known to contain conformationally dependent protective epitopes. a 643-base pair segment covering the hypervariable region of this gene from three recent serologic variant ibdv isolates from the southeastern united states, two variants from the delmarva peninsula, and three serologic standard viruses were amplified and sequenced using ...19979087318
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