survey for antibodies to infectious bursal disease virus serotype 2 in wild turkeys and sandhill cranes of florida, usa.captive-reared whooping cranes (grus americana) released into florida for the resident reintroduction project experienced unusually high mortality and morbidity during the 1997-98 and 2001-02 release seasons. exposure to infectious bursal disease virus (ibdv) serotype 2 as evidenced by seroconversion was suspected to be the factor that precipitated these mortality events. very little is known about the incidence of ibd in wild bird populations. before this study, natural exposure had not been do ...201020688680
pigeon paramyxovirus: association with common avian pathogens in chickens and serologic survey in wild birds.pigeon paramyxovirus-1 (ppmv-1) was isolated from pigeons from east-central alabama and used in association with chicken anemia virus (cav), infectious bursal disease virus (ibdv), or finch mycoplasma gallisepticum (mg) in specific-pathogen-free chickens to assess dinical disease and pathology. ppmv-1 infection in all groups was conducted at day 10 of age via the ocular route. the low passage ppmv-1 isolate was inoculated into chickens in different groups at 10 days post-cav infection, 6 days po ...200515839419
search for the origin of multiple sclerosis by first identifying the intensive study of environmental conditions during the final stages in an active cluster area, an attempt is made to crack the enigmatic deadlock concerning the origin and etiological cause of multiple sclerosis (ms). previous investigations of other cluster areas have emphasized the probability that the outbreaks of ms were most likely caused by an unknown exogenous environmental agent, but unfortunately, the studies were conducted several years after the epidemics had occurred, making it vi ...19921316536
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