a study of breeder vaccination programs and problems in the broiler progeny in saskatchewan utilizing enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay.a survey of antibodies against infectious bursal disease virus (ibdv), infectious bronchitis virus (ibv), newcastle disease virus (ndv), and reovirus (rv) was conducted in broiler-breeder flocks and selected progeny broiler flocks utilizing the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. marked differences in antibody titers between different breeder flocks were related to differences in vaccination programs. poor performance in some progeny broiler flocks was related to low antibody titers against ibdv ...19882838013
subclinical infectious bursal disease in commercial broiler flocks in saskatchewan.five commercial broiler flocks, not vaccinated for infectious bursal disease virus, derived from infectious bursal disease virus-vaccinated breeder flocks were surveyed for evidence of bursal damage and infectious bursal disease virus infection. they were compared with two groups of birds raised in isolation. serum samples from one day old chicks contained maternal anti-infectious bursal disease virus antibodies which declined to undetectable levels by four weeks of age. serum antibody levels re ...19816268263
inclusion body hepatitis as a primary disease in broilers in saskatchewan, recent years inclusion body hepatitis (ibh) has emerged as an economically important disease in western canada. historically, infections with infectious bursal disease virus (ibdv) and chicken anemia virus (cav) have been known to suppress the immune system of broilers and make them more susceptible to a secondary disease such as ibh. recently it has been reported that virulent adenoviruses are able to cause ibh as a primary disease in broilers without apparent involvement of ibdv and cav. th ...200617274293
genotyping of canadian isolates of fowl adenoviruses.five hundred and seventy-three clinical submissions with fowl adenovirus (fadv) involvement were examined to investigate the association of different types of fadv with clinical problems related to fadv infection. samples were received from 2000 to 2006 and originated from seven canadian provinces. four hundred and eighty-seven submissions were inclusion body hepatitis (ibh) related, while 86 were not ibh related. viruses isolated from 287 samples were further analysed by hexon gene loop 1 seque ...200818202956
association of increased rate of condemnation of broiler carcasses due to hepatic abnormalities with immunosuppressive diseases in the broiler chicken industry in saskatchewan.the objective of this study was to identify the causative agents of hepatitis observed in broiler chickens at processing. livers of chickens from 16 broiler farms in saskatchewan with gross lesions of hepatitis were collected at processing. in addition to routine bacterial isolation and histopathological examination, serologic studies for infectious bursal disease virus (ibdv) and chicken anaemia virus (cav), calculation of the ratio of the weight of the bursa of fabricius (bf) to body weight (b ...201526424905
a 5-year study of the incidence and economic impact of variant infectious bursal disease viruses on broiler production in saskatchewan, canada.while the prevalence of infectious bursal disease virus (ibdv) on chicken farms in some provinces of canada has been documented, the economic impact of variant ibdv infection on the broiler chicken industry in saskatchewan has not. the objectives of this study were to identify the variant strains of ibdv circulating on saskatchewan chicken farms and evaluate their economic impact on broiler production. infection due to ibdv was detected in 43% of saskatchewan chicken farms, with variant strains ...201627733779
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